it’s a total priviledge to have MAUN DELAGO on THE RIVER FLEET bill.

He’s probably the most acclaimed Hang player in the world, with literally millions of youtube hits and an already extensive discography. He’s played and recorded both Hang and percussion with some of the biggest names in music across Europe, as well as in North America, South America and Asia. Here he is in 1987 playing for his parents. He’s played bigger shows since.


The Hang itself is a relatively new instrument, having only been around for about the last decade. It looks a bit like a UFO, and sounds totally alien. Hypnotic and disorienting, it’s a genuinely beautiful thing.

Greg and I played with him last week at the Brunel museum, which was pretty cool. He invited us to play some songs there, where he’s artist in residence, and joined us for a few things at the end. If you want to hear more from him have a look at his website (



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